Sport and leisure

 Cycling: Loire à Vélo, Eurovelo 6 and many trails

The Loire with bike is joins in Eurobike 6, which connect later Nantes to Budapest in Hungary, it represents 2 500 km.A few meters away from La Charité-sur-Loire, the Loire with bike is in the department of the Cher (107 km have been realized) and presents here a way “The Wild Loire” which complete the heritage of “The Loire Castles”.From La Charité-sur-Loire, you can take the class of the Loire to join Sancerre in only 25 km. This course, in the closer of the Loire, seduces by its landscapes, between vineyards and the Loire. By going back up the river, you will follow a more rectilinear way until Marseilles-Les-Aubigny in 15 km, an attractive village with its port along the side channel.


Hiking: Forest Bertranges, St James path

Keen hikers or gentle ramblers can benefit from the charm of this forest in all seasons, with its plantations of century-old trees, sunny glades and fountains. Walkers will find the numerous deer living here irresistible and the shady paths criss-crossing the forest (including the path to Santiago de Compostela) also attract horse-riders and cyclists. The autumn is the best season to visit, for mushroom picking and listening to the stag’s bell. Some special spots cannot be missed:

  • the reserve roundabout, the starting point for many walks,
  • the Grand-Mare site, with its hunting kennels,
  • the various fountains – ‘la Vache’, ‘des Bougers’, or ‘de Vaux’…

 Canoeing on the Loire and discovery of the Natural Reserve

The rich biodiversity found in this area of the Loire led to it being classified as a protected natural reserve in 1995. The reserve covers 1500 hectares along 20kms of the Loire stretching from the bridge in La Charité-sur-Loire to Tracy-sur-Loire, a village downstream, at the foot of Sancerre. It shelters about 30 species of fish, almost 500 species of plant life have been found (10% of French flora), as well as over 200 species of bird, about 1/3 of the total number of species in Europe.

Canoe and Kayak epeditions, leaving from or arriving at La Charité, can be organised for half a day, a full day, or over several days.

Wine tasting: Côtes de La Charité, Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé

The climate of the Loire Valley and the sunny slopes above the Loire led to the development of vineyards in the middle ages, managed by the Benedictine monks from the priory. They encouraged the plantation of vines, bought some vineyards and were donated others. In the 14th century the vineyards expanded, each domain had its own wine, and the “fruity wines of the Nièvre slopes” were appreciated at the tables of the counts of Nevers and the dukes of Bourgogne. This good reputation was kept for several centuries, until philloxera killed almost all the vines in the 19th century. There were just a few residents of the region who managed to keep some vines for their personal consumption.


The thirty species of fish in the Loire bring joy to all fishermen, amateurs and experienced alike. People of a gastronomic bent will appreciate the excellent whitebait from the Loire, or the larger specimens such as pike or pike perch, deliciously prepared by our local chefs. The region also has smaller rivers like the Mazou or the Douceline, and lakes including Sourdes Lake which are perfect for novices or avid fisherman.



Don't forget:

  • Horse riding
  • Boat trip on the Canal Latéral à la Loire or the Canal du Nivernais
  • Golf in Sancerre